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RF LED Controller

  • RGB LED Strip Controller Milight
  • RGB LED Strip Controller Milight
  • RGB LED Strip Controller Milight
  • RGB LED Strip Controller Milight
RGB LED Strip Controller MilightRGB LED Strip Controller MilightRGB LED Strip Controller MilightRGB LED Strip Controller Milight

RGB LED Strip Controller Milight

  • RGB LED Controller
  • milight led controller
  • LED controller FUT037
  • Price: USD4
  • Product description: We are professional milight LED Strip light Controller factory,supplier and manufacturers from Shenzhen China,offer high quality Mi Light controller with cheap price,custom logo available,and also off

RGB LED Strip Controller Milight 

Product Parameters

Product Name RGB LED Controller
Item Number Milight FUT037
Input Voltage DC12-24V
Output Current 6A/Channel
Total Output Max 10A
Control Distance 30M
Signal 2.4G RF
Feature RGB Color Changing


Controller adopt the widely used 2.4GHz wireless technology with the features of low power
consumption, long signal transmitting and strong anti-interference, etc. Controller has auto-transmitting
and auto-synchronizing function. Widely used on the controlling of hotel lighting and home lighting.
Signal transmitting

One strip controller can transmit the signals from the remote control to another controller within 30m, as long as there is a strip controller within 30m, the remote control distance can be limitless.

Mode Synchronazition:

Different controllers can work synchronously when they are started at different times, controlled by the same remote, under same dynamic mode and within 30m distance.

Feature of RGB LED Controller:

1, 16 million of color change, that means you can choose the colors you like by remote controller or smartphone, to make your life with smart and beauty.

2, Brightness Dimming; You can adjust Milight RGB LED Controller brightness from 1% to 100%. This function can satisfy all your lighting requirement whole day.

3,Dynamic mode; There are 9 kinds color changing modes on our RF RGB LED Controller. The dynamic modes can make many kinds of lighting atmosphere to satisfy you on many activities.

1. Please check whether the input voltage of the constant voltage power supply is in accordance with the controller, and please check the connection of both the cathode and anode, otherwise the controller will be broken.
2. Please don’t connect wires with power on. Please turn on again only when it is in right connection and no short circuit.

3. Please do not use the controller in the place with widely range metal area or strong electromagnetic wave nearby, otherwise, the remote distance will be seriously affected .

How many meters with LED Strip need a LED controller?

The total power of the LED strip varies according to the number of LED chips and different specifications. Therefore, the longest connection distance of LED strips of different specifications is also different. Of course, to determine how many meters the LED strip can be connected, it also depends on whether the circuit design of the LED strip is reasonable.

The number of LEDs of different LED strip is different, and the power is also different. Generally, the more the number of LEDs, the greater the power of the entire LED strip, and the length that the RF LED controller can carry will become shorter! A controller of 5 meters is recommended. It is safer to use.

The milight controller is used to receive signals. It does not matter how many meters are connected. As long as there is enough switching power supply to supply the light strips, it is all right to meet the power requirements of parallel light strips. Or if you connect a signal amplifier to a certain load range, you can use a Milight LED controller to connect countless light strips!

In addition, the general controller will be equipped with a wireless remote controller, and the remote control range of the remote control is the main factor limiting the length of the light strip!

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