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How to use LED controller to control LED strip

As an indispensable part of modern decoration design, LED light strips are more and more used in different fields. Its main function is not to illuminate, but is often used to create different lighting atmospheres. Most people use different light strips, but not everyone can learn some knowledge about it in detail. Today we will introduce how to adjust the LED light strips after installation via a high quality LED controllers.


First, let's take a look at the application scenarios of LED strips:

Nowadays, the decoration styles of many companies and enterprises are based on the modernist interior style route. Nude and simple decoration have become the mainstream of current decoration methods.Use different types of LED light strips to install in different positions, such as ceiling or corner or counter, etc., which can create the desired atmosphere image of the scene atmosphere.Home decoration is also one of the places that use light strips the most.

The living room ceiling and dining room atmosphere are inseparable from the decoration of the light strip. There is also the light effect production of the TV background wall. The light strips of different colors and color temperatures are used to make Different pattern background.


So how to fulfill the lighting atmosphere of LED strip? You need to connect the LED strip to a LED strip controller. Usually we will suggest you take a RF DC12-24V LED Controller, which is very good quality and easy operation. With the LED Strip controller, you can make the LED strip many functions, like brightness dimming, color temperature adjustable and many colors changing...

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