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MiLight LED Controller Factory Introduces Full Touch RGB LED Control Systems with Huge Color Range

MiLight LED controller factory Introduces Full Touch RGB LED
Control Systems with Huge Color Range

(Shenzhen City, China, July 12, 2020) – Colorful ambiences with low energy consumption are the hallmarks of LED lighting. The Chinese maker Shenzhen LED Controller Factory is the global supplier of complete LED lighting systems and components, including the famous LED controller with RF remote control and other remote controlled and app based LED lights.

Manufactured by the Milight LED light controller factory and Miboxer RGB LED controller factory, part of the same organization, the LED controller strip and remote control are easy to use, stylish, and made with an advanced PWM technology. 

The milight led controller is available for global clients. The touch screen remote control matches well with any modern home or commercial space design with elegant contours, and is extremely simple and user friendly. The remote allows controlling brightness, dimming and speed, and offers 20 automatic modes and 640 thousand colors to choose from. Ambience settings can also be stored in memory, and resume after power is turned on again.  

The LED light controller or the Milight LED controller strip is popular due to its many features, including low energy consumption, long distance use, anti-interference, high speed interaction, wireless remote and long distance use up to 30 meters. The device works on DC12V-24V,6A/channel.

Another cool product is the 2.4GHz, 8-Zone RGBCCT Remote Controller. This remote controller differs from the rest with a long design, and an 8-Zone application. Designed by Milight and made in the US, the LED remote controller uses the GFSK control method, uses less power, transmits to long distances, and can control Mi-Light LED lights for their color, color temperature, saturation and brightness.

Other related products include the 2.4G Dual White Remote Control, 2.4G RGB/RGBW Remote Controller, and the 2.4G RGBCCT Remote Controller. Milight LED controller wholesale inquiries are welcome.


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