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MiLight Controller supplier in China

Milight is the brand from UK,famous brand as led controller,remote controller and lighting on smart home.With Milight,you can get:

  • Milight is energy saving and long lasting
  • Change colour and dim your lights with your mobile phone or tablet
  • Take full control of your lights
  • Match the colour of your lights to the colour of your room easily
  • Switch on/off one or group of lights easily
  • Milight can be used in parties using the party mode
During above feature,milight become more and more popular in smart home,because of this,as Shenzhen supplier,also from 50 workers to 300workers in part 6 years.

Thank you milight and hope we became top company in near future

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Contact: George

Phone: 18813672892

Tel: 0755-87961814

Add: 2 Floor Building 2 Bai Li Heng Tai Tech Park,Liaokeng,Shiyan Town,Bao'an Distric, Shenzhen City

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