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LED strip type

LED strip type

1,According to the difference of materials, LED strips are divided into flexible strips and rigid strips


For consumers, hard LED strip are easier to fix, processing and installation are more convenient, but they cannot be bent at will, not suitable for irregular places, and the price is relatively higher than flexible LED strip, which are mostly used in high-end projects;The flexible LED strip can be cut and extended at will, and the light emission is not affected, the price is relatively cheap, the installation is convenient, and it can be "DIY" into any shape at will. Therefore, it is deeply loved by ordinary consumers. In traditional channels, the flexible LED strip is better than Rigid rigid LED strip, and the market for rigid LED strip is relatively narrow. Both flexible and rigid strips need to connect LED controllers. Here I suggest to try milight led controller and 2.4G led controller china.


2,According to the difference of use occasions, there are two types of high-voltage LED strips and low-voltage LED strips. Among them, high-voltage LED strips are also called AC strips, and low-voltage LED strips are also called DC strips.


For consumers, there are big differences between the two in terms of safety, price, packaging, and installation:

①From the perspective of safety, the 220V voltage used by the high-voltage LED light strip is dangerous voltage, and there are hidden safety hazards in some risky applications; the low-voltage LED light strip works under the working voltage of DC 12V, which is a safe voltage and can be applied In various occasions, there is no danger to people.

②From the price point of view, if you look at the two types of lights alone, the price of the LED strip is similar, but the overall cost is different, because the high-voltage LED strip is equipped with a high-voltage power supply. Generally, one power supply can be 30-50 meters of LED light strips, and relatively speaking, the cost of high voltage voltage is relatively low. Low-voltage LED strips need to be equipped with a DC power supply and LED strip controller. Generally, the power of a 1 meter 60 chips 5050 LED strip is roughly 12W-14W, which means that each meter of strip needs to be equipped with a DC power supply of about 15W, so the cost of low-voltage LED strips The cost will increase a lot, much higher than the high-voltage LED strip. Therefore, from the perspective of overall cost, the price of low-voltage LED strips is higher than that of high-voltage LED strips.

③In terms of packaging, the packaging of high-voltage LED strips and low-voltage LED strips are also very different. High-voltage LED strips can generally be 50-100 meters per roll; low-voltage LED strips can generally be 5-10 meters per roll.  DC power supply over 10 meters attenuation will be severe.

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