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The main force of LED decorative lighting

LED strips emphasize decoration and aesthetic effects and are one of the main forces of LED decorative lighting. As early as more than ten years ago, LED strips connect with LED Controller were used in modern buildings, natural landscapes, night scene lighting projects and indoor environment decoration in our cities.It is precisely because of the contribution of LED decorative lighting that my country's urban lighting has smoothly transformed from "bright up" to "beautiful up". In the past ten years, LED strips and milight led controller have been widely used in urban night scenes, bringing beauty and prosperity to the city, and romance and warmth to the home environment.


Nowadays in the field of LED strips and RF RGB LED Controller, no company dares to claim to be the boss. At the same time, the reporter has not heard of any company claiming to be the first brand of LED light strips. It can be seen that the status of LED strips in LED lighting has fallen, but not everyone The sales of LED strips are so bleak. Different production scales, different target markets, and production of different types of LED strips, LED companies have different sales. Some LED companies are mainly engineering companies and the market is tepid; some are mainly wholesalers and retailers with unsatisfactory sales; some companies that focus on overseas markets plan to expand their production capacity this year.


At present, most companies that produce LED strips will only regard LED strips as complementary products, and the proportion will not exceed one-third, and the vast majority will only account for 10%. After investigating, the reporter also found that compared with last year, LED strips appear less and less in major stores. In the past, large pieces of LED light strips could be seen in some stores, but now they can only be seen. The existence of, or just a corner, it would not be on without customer consultation. When the reporter asked about the reason, the person in charge of the store told the reporter that the company has already transformed to produce other types of LED lamps. The LED strips are only on when wholesalers and retailers come to inquire.

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