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LED strip controller Factory Introduction What is Single Color LED Controller

LED strip controller Factory Introduction What is Single Color LED Controller

In the LED strip lighting market, there are 5 kinds of LED strips, including Single Color, Dual White, RGB, RGBW and RGBCCT LED strip. The application for LED strip is more and more smart with LED controller. In this article, I will introduce the application for single color LED strip controller.

Single Color LED controller is mainly for single color LED strip light for brightness dimming. Many clients will have a misunderstanding. They think single color LED strip controller is just for white light. This is a mistake. Single Color LED strip not only include white light, but also Red, Green, Yellow, blue,etc. They all can works on Single Color LED controller for brightness dimming.

Our Single color LED controller produced by Shenzhen LED controller factory is controlled by 2.4Ghz RF Remote with 4 channels, also it can be controlled by WiFi Smartphone via a WiFi Controller. Our price is very competitive and quality is excellent. Compared with IR controller, our RF controller is with longer control distance, higher anti-interference.

Also our single color LED controller has a unique function. It’s signal auto-transmitting function.That means one strip controller can transmit the signal from the remote control to another controller within 30M. so if each controller is within 30M, one remote can control limitless controllers.

For more info about our controller,please feel free to contact us.

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