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Grasp the key elements in the intelligent age

Grasp the key elements in the intelligent age

As long as night comes, the demand for lighting will still exist. As early as in the era of traditional lighting, lamps and lanterns were only given the meaning of illuminating brightness and darkness; now in the era of LED intelligent lighting, lamps and lanterns are not only required for brightness and darkness, but also have more functions such as color, color temperature, energy saving, and human intelligence.


It can be said that the current lighting industry has developed to an important turning point, especially in this environment that is not very friendly to all walks of life, the road to reform of the lighting industry seems to be more difficult than usual.At present, the world of the lighting industry is experiencing the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the Sino-US trade war. So, should we take measures that endure the pain and try to change, or choose to take a step by step and wait and see?


The first thing to admit is that the challenges are undoubtedly huge, especially in the face of the various difficulties at hand. For example, in the epidemic sniper war, due to the different attitudes, concepts, measures, and effects of China and the United States on the epidemic , Sino-US relations have also undergone subtle changes, and the trade war that began last year has also caused a certain setback in the export of products in the lighting industry in my country. We must know that for a long period of time, the North American market has been China's largest export destination for lighting products. Now, due to the dual impact of the outbreak and trade friction, the North American market continues to decline, causing its share to fall further.


But no matter how the economic and market conditions of the general environment change, what lighting companies have to do is not to stop, but to take the initiative. Among them, take Zhongshan City, an important LED lighting industry base in China, as an example. There are a large number of lighting companies in this area, and the monomer scale is small, and the private sector is mostly, resulting in a low industry concentration and fierce competition in the lighting industry. , The hidden rigid rise of various costs and other problems, it is easy to put the company on the verge of danger with a little carelessness.


Although the performance of general lighting manufacturers in this area is lackluster, the relatively good performance of manufacturers rely on the special market segments, special professional market areas, product differentiation characteristics and years of brand reputation to form a good sustainable development system guarantee, and the overall The operation is stable and orderly, and the quality is not inferior to the major international lighting brands. In addition, the lighting industry has also begun a new round of integration. Some companies with weak brands and insufficient sales channels are gradually being absorbed by the strong market.

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